Investment Team

Tim Ivers, Founder and CEO

Mr. Ivers has been active in the illiquid secondary fund market since 2010 when he co-founded Dakota Capital to directly target the space. He has led the due diligence, negotiation and execution of over 400 individual transactions. He is a CFA Charterholder, a CPA (Australia) member and received a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland.

Grant Gillespie, Partner

Before joining Warana Capital in 2017, Mr. Gillespie worked at a New York City based asset manager that focused on the US residential real estate markets.  Prior to that, he received an MBA from Columbia Business School.  Mr. Gillespie began his career at Merrill Lynch in Institutional Sales, is a CFA Charterholder, and has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Duke University.

Bjorg Klem, Senior Investment Analyst

Prior to joining Warana Capital in 2020 as a Senior Investment Analyst, Ms Klem spent 16 years at LumX Asset Management, a global fund of hedge fund provider, and since 2008, was exclusively focused on unwinding portfolios of illiquid and distressed hedge funds and side pockets and monitoring of such holdings across the firm. She received a Bachelor of Science in Economics with Economic History from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a CAIA Charterholder.

Vicky Liao, Investment Analyst

Ms. Liao joined Warana in 2018 as an Analyst, assisting with both investment research and operations.  She received a Master of Arts in Economics from Duke University and a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong. 

Marketing & Investor Relations Team

Jennifer Howrigan, Head of Investor Relations and Business Development

Ms. Howrigan joined Warana Capital in 2020 as Head of Investor Relations and Business Development. Previously, Ms Howrigan was a Director at Oakpoint Advisors where she was responsible for distribution as a member of the Capital Team. Prior to Oakpoint, she spent 7 years in various roles at Raptor Group as a Director of Raptor’s proprietary family office platform and as a Senior Associate of Investor Relations and Marketing. She received a BS in Administration with a concentration in Business Management from Providence College.

Tim Gardner, Managing Partner Warana UK

Mr. Gardner joined Warana in 2017 to lead UK operations and has day to day responsibility and oversight for the London Stock Exchange listed Alternative Liquidity Fund (“ALF”).  Previously, he was a Managing Director and Head of European operations at Morgan Creek Capital Management, where he also oversaw the management of ALF.  Mr. Gardner has been involved in the fund of funds business since 2003 and received a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford Brookes University.

Finance & Operations Team

Sun Chin, Chief Financial Officer

Before joining Warana Capital as Controller in 2017, Ms. Chin was Director of Finance & Operations at Conifer Financial Services.  Ms. Chin began her career at State Street Bank & Trust Company and received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science, with an emphasis in Bio-Chemistry, from the University of California, Davis.

Victor Dong, Accountant

Mr. Dong joined Warana in 2018 as an Accountant, assisting with both finance and operations.  He received a Master of Finance from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Economics in Financial Engineering from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu).